Pondělní video nálož (36 – 15 :) – ve středu…

Pondelni-videonaloz-36-15Tak jo, prázdniny jsou definitivně za námi, s nimi i můj letní kočovný život a pomalu se tak vracíme k pracovnímu normálu. S tím souvisí i pravidelné dávky bikových videí, kterých je tentokrát slušná hromada, jelikož jde o sbírku za dva týdny…

Minulý týden totiž vzhledem k cestě na Eurobike nebyl čas a prostor hrát si s pohyblivými obrázky, tento týden jsem chtěl nejdřív dodělat reporty ze závodů a videa jsem o pár dní odložil. Dnes toho mám taky nějak moc, proto budu pro tentokrát hodně stručný a videa popisovat nebudu, případně jim nechám originální popisek. Snad to projednou zvládnete 😀

Piper Allman – Home
Piper had a minor fracture in her elbow and was unable to race over the last month. She has fully recovered and rides a local favourite before heading to Fernie for BC cup finals this weekend.

TrailPro – Waitawa Regional Park
TrailPro presents the latest 10KM of installments to the Waitawa Regional Park MTB Network. Byron Scott & Tim Hunter have put in the hard yards crafting trail bliss, flowing fun trails along with a great view of either the sea or native bush is about as good as it gets. For future projects and more info please visit

Pace – RC127 – How do you get to the trails?
Pace are back. Not that we ever went away, and what better way to come back than in a canoe?! We handed the RC127 to honorary Trippin member Ali Parkin to chuck in his boat and take it through his rigorous lakeside trail slaying deep in the saturated English Lake District.

Full Circle – Sarah Leishman

Trail Hunter – Alaska
When Matt Hunter met a stranger in the Mexican backcountry, there’s no way that he could have guessed that the chance encounter would lead him to exploring the wilds of Alaska by bike years later. After all, the area is better known for its vast, picturesque landscapes and diverse wildlife, of which Matt and his friends saw plenty of, not its trails. But as Matt and his friends found out, Alaska doesn’t do anything in moderation.

Matt Hunter
Matt Miles

dREMOment BISLIN drifting around Switzerland
Remo Bislin is a young bike mechanic from Switzerland. His hometown is surrounded by plenty beautiful trails, one even starts next to his house. That’s where he goes on his evenings rides after work. But on the weekends he’s always on the road, traveling to bike parks all over Switzerland. He doesn’t like competing that much. For him, riding is a way to free his mind and to live in the moment. It’s about the feeling he gets on the bike: „My main goal is to progress my style of riding every day. Being fast is easy, you can just loose your breaks. Riding a trail differently as others is way harder.“

dREMOment BISLIN drifting around Switzerland from on Vimeo.

Trans-Savoie 2015 Race Preview
23rd – 28th August 2015, Val d’Isere to Chamonix, 30 timed stages, 25,000m descent, 300Km Journey. The most technically challenging Enduro in the world. Watch Nico Lau, Damien Oton, Jamie Nicoll, Francois-Bailly-Maitre, Florian Golay and 120 other international riders go head to head.


Trans-Savoie 2015 Race Preview from Trans-Savoie on Vimeo.

On Track With Curtis Keene – Symphony Of Skills – S2E3
CLICK to see Curtis‘ POV in Scotland:
Wild weather, slippery courses and the continued search for speed and fitness are all on the menu as Curtis and the rest of the athletes of the Enduro World Series travel to Scotland. Riding a bike in difficult conditions like these is one thing, but racing a bike in the mud and the cold is something else completely different. As Curtis continues to search for the pieces of the puzzle he’ll need to get back into the Top 15, one of the EWS’s main contenders sees his season crushed due to injury. Aggressive racing, harsh Weather and a new Series leader will all emerge from the woods of Peebles.

SNOW tour Summer Time – Monínec – Jiří Fikejz – 2015 SNOW tour Summer Time – Monínec – Jiří Fikejz – 2015 from on Vimeo.

Enduro or Die
Max Horner enduros.

UNDERWORLD KUPA 2015 – Official Highlights
Underground Bike Race in Hungary. Budapest hosted its sixth annual ‚Underworld Cup‘ on Saturday where bikers had to race against each other in an unused stone mine tunnel system underneath the city.
Join us!

DJI – Ride the Tetons
Special thanks to: Fisher Creative –

Aerial Reel – Inspire
Když má někdo sen být ptákem a nakonec se stane alespoň kameramanem a pilotem dronu 😀